Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Need Advice When Buying Broadway Tickets?

I am often amazed when people I speak with tell me how much they overpay when they buy tickets for Broadway, Concerts and Sporting Events. Being a long time Broadway ticket industry veteran and knowing the ins and outs of pricing to various shows, when I talk with folks that call my company, Applause Ticket Agency in New York City, I try my best to inform the public that there is simply no need to pay outrageous prices for tickets.

For instance, if you are from out-of-town and don't really know what the demand is for a particular Broadway Show, how would you know if you could possibly obtain a "discount" for a show that is not selling out? Let me explain. The average orchestra seat usually has a printed price on it of around $130.00, some a little more and some a little less. Then you might also pay a ticket service like ours a service charge, anywhere from 25 % and higher depending upon the price of the ticket. So a customer might pay upwards of $160.00 or so as a final price, sometimes more. I might add that paying a service fee is not a bad thing when you consider what you get for your money. Like advice on where to sit in the theater, which date or dates you might be able to attend the show of your choice so that we can provide a better seat for you. Another reason to want a service like ours to help is that we can suggest some really fantastic places to dine before the theater, not something anyone else in the ticket business offers to do, to my knowledge. We also make suggestions on hotel choices, shopping and the like. You name it, we live and work here and know New York City really well. We want to help you make your visit to Broadway as great an experience as possible. We truly do.

Last and certainly not least, I sincerely believe that most people overpay for their Broadway Show tickets. Something I can prove to you if you give us a call. All you have to do is shop around, call ticket companies and get seat locations and prices for the Broadway Shows of your liking. Then take a minute and call my company Applause Ticket Agency (license #71AP1001029). Ask us any questions you like (don't forget to ask us our opinion of the shows you want to see). You can't imagine how many times some folks think they want to see a particular show but by the time they're done making all the arrangements, they often choose other shows that are more to their liking.

It is hard to write about oneself as we don't want to appear that we're bragging of course. Still the public needs to make informed decisions. The only way I think folks can find out how to make the right decision on Broadway Show ticket selections is to speak directly to local ticket companies in New York City. A simple call to Applause (that's us) and you'll know you are in the right place to get the accurate Broadway ticket information you covet.

We are here to help you with your Broadway Show ticket selections. Our ticket experts can be reached toll free at 800-451-9930 or locally at 212-307-7050, seven days a week.

I am one of the owners of Applause Ticket Agency. You have my personal guarantee that you'll be very happy with our Broadway ticket service. When you call, please ask for me, Rich Gladstone. Some people call me the BroadwayTicket Man. The other ticket guru's are Todd, Jay, Carol, Claudia, Billy, William and Bill. They want to help also.

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