Thursday, January 14, 2010

Celebrate Valentine's Day With A Broadway Show

That's right all you crazy romantics. Valentine's Day is only 30 days away and what better way to spend the evening with that certain someone than with a Broadway show. Well now that you have figured out how to spend your evening the next step is to pick the show. It's not as difficult as you might think you know. Give up? I guess I'l have to tell you. The Phantom of The Opera of course. Not only is it Broadway's longest running show but also one of the most romantic shows ever written. How about South Pacific? Not only is it a classic but it shows that love can conquer all obstacles. Now while I loved both shows my pick would be West Side Story. Now while the show may end on a depressing note there is no greater love story than this modern day version of Romeo and Juliet. Still can't decide? Well if you are looking for something a little different then might I suggest Rock of Ages. Besides having a great music it is another show about two strangers finding love against all odds. Well there you are. I've given you plenty of choices. The rest is up to you. Have a great Valentine's Day.

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