Saturday, January 02, 2010

Rock Out To Rock Of Ages

Now I'll be the first to admit that Rock of Ages is not for everybody. Those of you who enjoy a more traditional musical like South Pacific or A Little Night Music probably won't like it. My boss who loves almost everything found it to be a little too campy for his tastes. Well it is. There's no denying that. In my opinion that's what it makes it so much fun and unique. Not only that but I can personally guarantee you there is nothing else like it on Broadway. That's a fact. Now if you love the music of the 80's as much as I do then Rock of Ages is the show for you. What I love most about the show is that besides being a blast is that it is attracting a whole new audience that would probably never go to a Broadway show. Who knows maybe by seeing a show like Rock of Ages they will see that theatre can be fun,and they will come back and see something else in the future. Now that is we need. More people supporting theatre. Without the audience we would not survive. Not only that but I would be out of a job. Now you don't want to see that happen do you?

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