Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I know I am just a theatre geek, but the first Sunday in June was always a day to look forward to for as long as I can remember...The TONY Awards! Every year we hear networks complain about the ratings and question whether they should still televise the awards or not. I have heard people say they shouldn't because nobody really cares. I know I am not the only person in the world who looked forward to seeing the awards and still do. I have even been able to attend the awards live and considering how much I loved them as a kid, that was almost as exciting as if I had actually won one. Well almost! Maybe not as many people will tune in as they do for the the Super Bowl, but don't discount how much it means to all the theatre geeks in the world who care. For me, it was my only exposure to the great shows in New York. Something that I knew someday I would be able to actually go and see, but at the time the TONYS were as close as I was going to get. For someone who loves theatre and is in the theatre, the TONYS are as big an event as the Academy Awards. So I hope that they will always be televised for all the Broadway lovers and of course Broadway geeks like me out there! This year looks like it will be an exciting line-up. I am just excited to get to see scenes from BILLY ELLIOT , NEXT TO NORMAL , HAIR , WEST SIDE STORY , ROCK OF AGES and SHREK . Now I have seen all of these shows but I am still excited to see them perform on the TONYS. I also look forward to seeing the Broadway/Film and TV personalities who will be presenting. Like Kristin Chenoweth, Edie Falco, Jane Fonda, Angela Lansbury, Nicole Kidman and they are being hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. Now many will think most of these folks are just for ratings but all are either appearing on Broadway now or have in the past. Get ready and take a look at some of the great new shows and revivals that have been nominated this year on our Applause website. And then mark your calendar for Sunday June 7th, 2009 and hopefully get as excited as I do every year to see Broadway in the spotlight on the TONY AWARDS!!!!! I know you will be calling me come Monday June 8th, wanting to get tickets to see winners or just the one that knocked your socks off!

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