Monday, May 11, 2009

Bill's Take On London Theatre

The strength of the English pound and the Euro has kept many of us from visiting Europe over the past few years. However, the economic crisis has changed that dramatically. The UK pound is now US$1.50 as opposed to US$2.00 before the crisis and the Euro is US$1.34 as opposed to US$1.50 before the crisis. To add to this the airlines are offering very reduced rates for trips to Europe and the hotels and airlines are offering special rates for rooms. Everyone is feeling the crunch and are willing to offer special deals.

The English theatre is probably the most renowned in the world. While our movie actors and actresses are now taking roles on Broadway, this has always been the case in London. I remember in 1972 seeing Deborah Kerr in a play for less than one English pound. (I am sorry but you won't find those prices now). However, there are still some fantastic shows with well known actors and actresses. For you Harry Potter fans, you will probably see the majority of the characters in Harry Potter movies performing in Plays on the West End ( The English equivalent of Broadway). Claudia, in our office, was educated in the UK and visits there every year. If you need any help or advise , please feel free to call her. Don't forget that in addition to theatre, we offer tickets for the Edinburgh Tattoo and the Chelsea Flower Show as well as seats for football (soccer) and to the Globe Theatre which is a replica of the theatre used to perform Shakespeare's works. It is done in the same manner as in Shakespeare's time. It is an experience you will never forget even if you are not a fan of Shakespeare.

Keep an eye out for travel and hotel deals and if there is anything we can do to help, give us a call.

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