Saturday, May 16, 2009

Will It Be A Sweep For Billy Elliot At The Tonys Next Month?

Now unless you've been living under a rock for the last eight months then you know that this season's biggest hit is Billy Elliot. Not only that but earlier this month the show received fifteen Tony Award nominations,a record tied with The Producers. As a licensed ticket broker in New York we are often invited to see the shows during previews that way we have a better idea about the show and whether or not we as a ticket seller can recommend the show to you the public. I myself have not seen the show. However everyone in my office saw the show and loved it. It is one of our biggest sellers and should continue to be for a very long time. Back to the Tony Awards. How many will it win? Well based on the reviews and the nominations it is between Billy Elliot and this season's best reviewed show Next To Normal which received eleven Tony nominations.I really enjoyed Next to Normal and I really hope that it wins but unlike Billy which has been touting their nominations for everyone to hear Next To Normal has been very low key about the whole thing. However this might not be a bad thing. Billy has been hyped as the greatest musical to hit Broadway in years so it's possible that there could be a backlash and Normal will sneak in and take the award. Stranger things have happened. As far as the other awards it is purely speculation. Most people think the three Billy's will take home the prize for Best Actor and that Elton John will win for his score. Who knows? I guess will find out on June 7th. Until next time theatre fans.

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