Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Avenue Q Is Still Broadway's Funniest Show

Now in it's 6th "Hysterical" year is Avenue Q, the 2004 Tony Award winner for Best Musical.The same show who upset the "Mighty and Powerful"Wicked for Broadway's top prize is still playing to packed houses eight times a week at the John Golden Theatre. Now having seen the show many times I can attest to how funny the show truly is folks. In fact the reason I had to go back so many times is because I missed things the first time because I was laughing so much. Now be advised the show is not for everybody. It's not The Little Mermaid after all. There is some profanity and nudity but it is only the puppets that are nude not the humans.That's right. I said puppets. Oh you didn't know there were puppets in the show? What have you been living under a rock all these years? Now don't worry there are some humans too. I mean how else would the puppets be able to talk and move right? It ain't magic. So if you want to have a great night in the theatre and full frontal puppet nudity is your thing than call Applause now and get your tickets to see Avenue Q in Broadway. It will have you laughing all night long.

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