Thursday, May 21, 2009

There Are Plenty of Reasons to See Best Play Tony Nominee "reasons to be pretty"!

There are plenty of reasons to like Neil LaBute's surprisingly wonderful "reasons to be pretty", but the biggest is Tony nominated Thomas Sadoski as Greg, a knucklehead stuck in a dead-end job and a relationship going nowhere in a hurry. Right before our eyes, Greg transforms from a juvenile jerk into a mature man. But getting there is anything but pretty.

I count myself as a LaBute fan, with his The Shape Of Things ranking among my favorite plays. For other LaBute fans, if I were to describe his latest work -- wonderfully directed by Terry Kinney(HBO's Oz fame(which I appeared 3 times!) -- as a Shape Of Things flipped inside out, I think you’d get my meaning. That earlier work makes you think that the central, seemingly beautiful relationship is about trust, but ultimately gets turned upside down with a startling revelation. There's no lulling about in reasons to be pretty, where the honesty that alternately seems too much or completely lacking in Greg's relationship with Steph (a marvelous Marin Ireland) is actually right down the middle all along. Although, it’s hard to believe anyone could possibly find Steph as anything close to ugly, unless you get a huge heaping load of ugliness spewing from her acid tongue(lots of strong language, beware!). "reasons to be pretty" epitomizes a coming of age story for a new generation, even if its hero is a little late to life’s game of standing up for what's right. It’s that courage of conviction and great cast that makes reasons to be pretty so compelling.

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