Friday, May 15, 2009

The Norman Conquests in the Round

As an actor one of my favorite places to perform was in theatre in the round. As a spectator, it has also been one of my favorite places to see a show. Hence in New York one of my most favorite theatres has always been Circle in The Square. Performing in this wonderful theatre now is a very funny production or I should say productions of The Norman Conquests. The Norman Conquests is actually made up of 3 separate plays: LIVING TOGETHER, ROUND AND ROUND THE GARDEN, and TABLE MANNERS written by Alan Ayckbourn. These three plays are interlocking comedies and can be viewed separately, but even better if you can see all three. (By the way we can get you a better ticket price for each show if you purchase all three as a package.)

The action takes place over a weekend and follows Norman who attempts to have an affair with his wife’s sister in the family’s home. Comedy abounds as everyone in the family arrives for the weekend as well. Each play takes place in a different section of their English country home. What is particularly great about this type of production being performed in the round, is not only that you are close but you feel like you are actually a “peeping tom” on the action. As opposed to being staged forward, it is staged as if it is actually happening and you are seeing it from all aspects. To me, it is truly what “live theatre” is all about. It helps to make this production feel real and honest and not to mention funny! This production transferred from London with its entire British cast and has been nominated for 7 TONY Awards. I will be honest, as much as I liked it, and found it to be a great ensemble of actors and a delightful production I did not have the same raves that the critics have praised it with. However, if you are a fan of English drawing room comedy/farce then this is a good solid show for you to see.


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