Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Buy Broadway Theater Tickets Below Face Value- Part II

Obtain the best seats and experience New York's friendliest Broadway ticket service.

You'd be right if you said there are dozens of places to get the best tickets for all the shows playing on Broadway
these days. But an important question after making your search is, which ticket agency should you consider using when making that important decision regarding your tickets?

I could try to "sell you" on using our ticket agency called Applause Theater Service but everyone knows that none of us is interested in any company today telling others how terrific they are, right? But why waste your valuable time today?

I would like to suggest you consider searching for theater tickets on Google, possibly using the show name that you wish to see, like "wicked tickets new york" or "west side story on Broadway". You will get lots of possible answers about getting tickets for Wicked and West Side Story. Then you will need to click on several different sets of "blue links", evaluate the various web sites you click onto and hopefully find the set of tickets you are looking for. It is often at this point that frustration sets in.

Many of the consumers who shop with our company Applause Theater Service in New York, often comment that they like the pictures of our staff sprinkled throughout our web site as well as the local and toll free phone numbers we post in a large fashion. If you shop the Internet often like many of us do, you might notice that a simple thing like a company phone number is often hard to find on a web site? I figured out why I think. I really believe companies don't want to have shoppers call them, hoping for a shopping cart transaction instead of offering "live personal service". In my heart, I don't believe businesses will survive if they don't make an effort to offer personal service. At Applause, its all about our people really. Give us a call and find out when you have a few minutes to talk exactly what good "old fashioned" personal service is.

Almost everyone that calls Applause, mentions that they love the fact that our friendly staff is always pleasant to talk to. In addition it's often said that we are "local Broadway experts". In short, we really know what the Broadway Shows are all about as well as where the best places to sit are in the theater. We often coach shoppers to consider buying tickets that are part of our BELOW FACE VALUE show offerings.

What does it mean to be able to buy seats at BELOW FACE VALUE? It's simple really. Wherever you buy tickets today you will pay a service charge. Even when you shop at the large on-line companies like TicketMaster or for that matter, any licensed ticket agency for Broadway Shows. A simple way to make sure I am speaking the truth is to shop this concept yourself. Be my guest.

Take your time, then consider making a call to Applause Theater Service in New York. Our local phone number is 212-307-7050 or you are welcome to use our toll free line at 800-451-9930, seven days a week. We are open from 9am till 8pm most days.

When you get us on the phone, you can simply ask for the BELOW FACE VALUE available show list. Here you will find a current list of nearly 30 superb Broadway Shows that simply do not usually "sell out" of all their tickets for most performances. It's for these performances whereby Applause can save you a bundle of money. We get a specially discounted price, pass on the savings to you, add on a very reasonable service charge then sell them to the public. And we do so at a price that is BELOW FACE VALUE, which is lower than the regular printed price usually displayed on a ticket. Could you ask for anything more?

Why do we offer this? It's really simple. We feel the price of Broadway is becoming very high and when we bring better pricing, add them to our brand of personal service on Broadway, the end result is really a very positive one for the ticket buyers and for Applause of course. Once we provide our service, we take the liberty of sending you a postcard reminder once in a while (which you can opt out of) and hopefully we get the privilege of being of service to you again in the future. Or maybe one of your friends, relatives or co-workers.

And right after we settle your Broadway ticket arrangements we suggest you check out Restaurant Row, a favorite place in the theater district where you may want to consider dining before the theater. If you like we'll be happy to suggest our favorite spots on Restaurant Row and others in the Broadway area.

So Broadway fans, when you need Broadway Show tickets, we all know there are lots of places to go to. The question is, will it be Applause? We sure hope so, you'll be glad you did. I personally guarantee it.

Rich Gladstone
Applause Theater Service
311 West 43rd Street, suite 601
NY,NY 10036
local phone number 212-307-7050
toll free 800-451-9930
web site

follow us at twitter.com/applausetickets

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