Friday, May 15, 2009

God Of Carnage...Best New Play

If there was a play to suggest this year…I would have to say see GOD OF CARNAGE. This new comedy by Yasmina Reza translated by Christopher Hampton is one of the funniest shows this season. The premise is two sets of parents living in Brooklyn, NY who have come together in one of their homes to talk about and deal with a playground fight between their 2 children. What ensues are 4 adults trying to be civil and rational as they totally unravel and become nothing short of the children they are defending.

The show stars Marcia Gay Harden, James Gandolfini, Hope Davis and Jeff Daniels. A strong cast all around, in fact so strong they all 4 have been nominated for Best Actor/Actress TONY awards this season. As much as I loved everyone in the show, my bet is that Marcia Gay Harden will win a TONY award for her unhinged performance. I would suggest getting tickets sooner than later to see this brilliant cast.


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