Friday, May 15, 2009

Why you SHOULD see HAIR

HAIR…This might be one of the best reviewed shows this season. But yet it is not selling as well as the not so well reviewed revival of WEST SIDE STORY. Interesting as this points to the fact that the public really doesn’t pay that much attention to the critics and their reviews. WEST SIDE STORY is a good revival if not great, but HAIR is a great revival. So, why the difference? Is the public less familiar with HAIR? I don’t think so, as at least 3 songs from the show have had numerous pop recordings over the years. Who doesn’t know and love the songs… Aquarius, Good Morning Starshine or Let the Sun Shine In? So is it the subject matter? Hippies advocating peace and love in a time of war. As far as I can tell that’s not far from where we are now.

In the 60’s it was controversial because of its profanity, illegal drug use and sexuality. Here we are 40 years later, and is it possible that these things are still controversial? The fact that the entire cast goes bare for the end of the act in a defiant act of burning their draft cards scares people? Maybe! One of the questions I have heard again and again is..."Do they really get naked or is it simulated? "Bare, naked and beautiful! Yes, they get naked and it is beautifully staged, lighted and all a part of this glorious show that is all about freedom. I witnessed people in the audience from 10-80 and everyone was taken on the ride, from laughter and love to peace and harmony to the reality of despair and death. Let your hair down and go see this amazing production, it is a part of our history that still has so much relevance in our world today. This is still the Age of Aquarius, where our hope is that one day we can all love one another despite religion, sex or race. Make Love not War!


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