Thursday, February 05, 2009

Is Shrek In Trouble?

According to a recent article in the New York Post,Shrek The Musical is not the big hit that everyone had expected. One veteran producer was even quoted as saying that, "Shrek is doomed." Now we can all point fingers on who is to blame for it's lack of success. The reality is that nowadays unless a show has a star the chances of it being a big fat hit is not guaranteed. Yes Shrek is a title that everybody knows and loves. The film franchise didn't make millions for nothing after all. The trouble is if the show isn't marketed well then it doesn't matter how great the show is because nobody is going to the show. Sure you can blame the economy but Shrek is too good of a show to be playing to half empty houses eight times a week. Is there time to turn it around and make Shrek the hit that it should and deserves to be? I don't know. The only thing I can say is that if you haven't seen it give it a try. For those of you that have seen it spread the word. Because if you don't I can guarantee the Shrek won't be around for too much longer.

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