Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Will LA's Production of "Minsky's" come to Broadway?

Talk about timing. "Minsky's" takes us back to the beginning of the Great Depression, when burlesque was in its heyday and a cheap way to chase the blues. Remarkably, this new musical from Broadway veterans Charles Strouse (music), Susan Birkenhead (lyrics) and Bob Martin (book) was 10 years in the making, which means someone either was prescient or lucky. Or both. The show opened to some mixed reviews but a pretty positive one from the NY Times! So will it or won't it come to Broadway? Some of my Broadway Insiders here at Applause Theatre Service believe that it will. I for one would definitely want to see this production. There is a big audience that loves this type of show. Here is a list of reviews to check out and make your own opinion;

[ NYT ] What's the Cure for Those Depression Blues? Hoofing in Your Scanties, by Charles Isherwood
Minsky's, which is having its world premiere in Los Angeles, is a musical comedy that too often seems to be looking back to familiar formulas.
[ LAT ] Review: Minsky's at the Ahmanson Theatre, by Charles McNulty
Minsky's, though far from terrible, isn't quite the electric crowd-pleaser its creators are intending.
[ TS ] Minsky's: Stripped of any substance, by Richard Ouzounian
Minsky's wants to entertain, nothing more, but it doesn't succeed all that admirably even on that minimal level. Its lack of any real thematic concern means it becomes a series of jokes and songs that wear out their welcome long before the evening is over.
[ V ] Minsky's, reviewed by Bob Verini
The potential of a tuner titled Minsky's, with its promise of gorgeous gals, baggy-pants comics, hot dance and nostalgia, is partly realized in its Ahmanson Theatre premiere thanks to a strong Charles Strouse/Susan Birkenhead score and state-of-the-art musical staging by helmer-choreographer Casey Nicholaw. On the debit side are a thin, uninvolving storyline and curiously antiseptic take on the raffish art form the tuner purports to celebrate.
[ BN ] Burlesque in World Premiere Minsky's Mirrors Today's Troubles, by David Mermelstein
If Minsky's, the new musical by composer Charles Strouse, aspires to anything, it's to be a show for these desperate times. How else to explain its constant—almost winking—references to the dire financial situation facing the eponymous burlesque house that stands at the center of this defiantly toe-tapping show?
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