Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Todd's Take on the First Preview of "Guys and Dolls"- Spoiler Alert!

I really enjoyed the show. I actually went in with reluctance thinking I have seen this show enough times and don’t need to see it again. But this is a very different Guys and Dolls than we are used to, which may be hard for some to accept at first. I Liked the opening with Runyon a lot! I love the realistic approach to the characters. Trouble accepting Oliver Platt at first, but by the time “sue me “ came along I was sold. For the first time ever I actually liked and cared about Sarah and Sky. Their chemistry is wonderful and they hook you right away. Craig Bierko’s charm is wonderful…and has a beautiful resonant voice…but falls a bit flat on “luck be a lady”. Kate Jennings Grant's Sarah is perfect. Visually…I love the look and staging, even though some of the projections are a bit vertigo inducing (maybe over used…like in “sit down you’re rockin’ the boat”). But really appreciated feeling like I was being taken to New York, Havana, The sewer, and the Automat. Overall, I think it has great potential with some time to settle in and with a bit of tightening it should be a great success and run a long time!
Best wishes and thanks again.
Sounds like a winner to me! The show is now in previews and officially opens up the newly renovated Nederlander Theatre on March 1st. Call an Applause Sales Expert now and get your tickets to this great musical. Tickets will not last and are moving out fast! 800-451-9930

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