Friday, February 20, 2009

West Side Story Returns to Broadway

The word on the street (in the theater district of New York that is) has Broadway buzzing again with talk of having several new shows become "runaway" hits. Those of us selling tickets for all the Broadway Shows love this kind of news as it helps stimulate interest in Broadway again. After all the dismal economic news we hear every day, thank goodness we have some theater to take our minds off of things once in a while.

Anyway friends, West Side Story is being revived again. This time at New York's Palace Theater. Those that have seen a performance out-of town have "loved" the show.

Preview performances begin Monday February 23, 2009. Already we hear that many performances are sold out.

If you think you may want to see West Side Story on your next trip to Broadway, by all means-give a call to Applause Theater Service. They are located right in mid-town Manhattan and can be reached locally at 212-307-7050 or toll free at 800-451-9930.

I saw West Side Story about 20 years ago. I remember it launching the career of Debbie Allen. I hear there are some new rising stars in this production of West Side Story. Stay tuned friends, you never know what amazing talent will appear on a Broadway stage.

Good luck to the cast and creative talent in West Side Story. Thanks for coming back to Broadway.

Rich Gladstone
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