Monday, February 16, 2009

"Wicked" Celebrates its 1000th Performance at the Apollo Victoria in London!

Well a lot of people in my office thought "Wicked" would be a big dud in London! Boy how wrong they were! The smash hit musical celebrated its 1000th performance at the sold-out matinee on Saturday the 14th. The award-winning musical opened at London's Apollo Victoria Theatre in September 2006 and is now in its third year. Acknowledged as the West End's most successful musical, Wicked has already been seen by almost two million people and has done millions at the box office. In addition to the London production, Wicked is also currently running in North America, Japan, Germany and Australia. It is still the hottest ticket on Broadway after already running for over 6 years. It is certainly one of my all-time favorite shows having seen it at least 6 times! The crew here in my office felt as if the English were not big fans of "The Wizard of Oz". Too American they said! Sorry guys, a great story with great music will sell anywhere.

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