Monday, May 04, 2009

Chicago Still Going Strong On Broadway

Now in it's record breaking 13th year Chicago The Musical is still charming audiences eight times a week at the Ambassador Theatre on Broadway. I saw the show when it first opened and loved the simplicity of the piece. Most shows try to wow you with big expensive sets and costumes and splashy production numbers. That's fine for some shows. However it's nice when a show like Chicago comes along that doesn't need all that stuff. The story and the music sells itself so you don't need any of the frivolous stuff that most shows think they need in order to succeed on Broadway. I myself am so happy that a show like Chicago has found it's place on Broadway and managed to survive all these years amongst the overproduced crap that has taken a lot of our Broadway theatres hostage for too long. There I've said my piece. Take it for what you will.


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