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Broadway vs. Off-Broadway Shows in New York – What’s the Difference? –

A guide to help you figure out if you’re more suited for Broadway or Off-Broadway shows and how to tell the difference.

broadway vs off broadway

What are the Differences Between Broadway and Off-Broadway Shows?

We help you tell the difference between headlining Broadway shows and their Off-Broadway counterparts.

It’s Showtime! The words ‘Broadway Show in New York’ usually bring to mind images of huge marquees with flashing lights and big name stars as the headliners. In many cases, this is absolutely true. Broadway is called Broadway because of the famous theatres at and around Times Square in New York City. These theatres have given many actors and actresses their start in show business and are still a home for many seasoned acting veterans. Broadway is also the home to many big name Hollywood movies that have been converted into theatre shows. Family friendly shows like Shrek, Mary Poppins, and Lion King all have their long running and successful home on Broadway. If you like the sound of big theaters, big production, big names, and elaborate sets, picking a Broadway show is probably right for you. At any given time, there are a number of genres and themes to suit the tastes of any theater aficionado.

Off-Broadway shows are a completely different breed. These shows are usually much smaller in production and housed in theaters that are slightly off the beaten track (hence the name, Off-Broadway). The performances that are shown in these theatres are usually grittier, more artsy, and edgier. If you like the idea of watching up and coming actors, many of whom will go on to become big name actors in theatre and movies, Off-Broadway is probably the place for you. Perhaps the most appealing part of Off-Broadway is the intimacy of the productions. The theatres are almost always smaller than huge Broadway theatres. This means that at every show you will be sitting closer to the stage and closer to the action. You will have a first-hand view of the creativity and talent that fuels the inspiration for many larger Broadway productions.
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