Thursday, March 18, 2010

It’s Showtime! Find Broadway Theatre Tickets for the Whole Family –

If you think Broadway theatre is just for adults, think again! We can help you find shows that the whole family will enjoy –

Broadway Theatre Tickets Will Create Memories to Last a Lifetime

Broadway offers shows suitable for all ages. Spend an afternoon watching stories and characters come to life before your very eyes!

Billy Elliot. The Lion King. Simba. Belle. Mary Poppins. Glinda the Good Witch. Spider Man.

These are just a few of the characters you’ll find hanging out on Broadway. You may even recognize a few names from popular television shows and movies. To many people, Broadway theater tickets are an investment for an adult evening out. When they think of Broadway, they think Phantom of the Opera and South Pacific – both amazing and epic shows that are probably not suitable for young children. Most people would never even consider taking their children to the theatre. We are here to show you that Broadway can be an extremely family friendly place. In fact, shows marketed towards younger audiences have been amongst the most successful shows ever to appear on Broadway.

In today’s world, school theater programs are becoming more and more obsolete. Budget cuts and lack of interest by children is depriving many communities from experiencing a beautiful and important artistic medium. Research has always shown that children who watch and participate in theatre programs are likely to be more well rounded and confident. For many children, an interest in the stage comes from a single magical experience at the theatre. The lights, the seats, the auditorium, the costumes and actors – All of it adds up to a well conceived element of DRAMA that your children will absolutely love. Purchasing Broadway theatre tickets is an easy way to participate in an activity with the whole family. When you walk out of the theater after the curtain falls, you will find yourselves talking about the show, singing the songs, and discussing which show you just have to see next. It’s truly the ultimate family bonding experience.

If you are not sure which Broadway show would be loved most by your family, give Applause-Tickets a call today. Our team of local Broadway experts has tons of experience and knowledge to help you decide which characters to spend an evening (or afternoon) with.

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