Saturday, March 27, 2010

Find Premium Broadway Seats at Reasonable Prices from

"Let Applause-Tickets help you find the premium Broadway seats you’ve always wanted to the show you’ve been dying to see."

Get up close and personal with premium Broadway seats.

You’ll never feel closer to the action, the emotion, and the stars than with a pair of premium Broadway seats.

The stage, the sounds, the actors, the lights, the sets! These are the things that make a Broadway show so special. Attending any show is extraordinary but imagine how much more impressive it would be from a seat in the 7th row. How about the 4th row? The first?! At Applause-Tickets, we offer the finest premium Broadway seating available. Sure they cost a little bit more than the tickets further back in the orchestra or in the mezzanine or the balcony but you can’t beat the once in a lifetime view of the stage and the action. With your premium Broadway seats, you will experience a performance like never before.

Think of the difference between the “run of the house best available” Broadway seats and premium Broadway seats like the difference between silver and platinum rings. They both look good. You love wearing your silver ring as much as your platinum ring but somehow, they are not the same. The silver shines a little less. The stones look a little less expensive. Platinum simply feels better. With premium seats, you are seeing the same show as the other orchestra seat ticket holders but you are experiencing it in a whole different and more impressive way.

It is important to note that premium Broadway seats are seats in the middle section and the first ten rows that the theaters set aside at higher prices. You can purchase premium seats months in advance or often the day before the show, if they are still available. They are not sold as “best available” seats because their price is different than the rest of the theater. Be sure to ask our customer service experts about premium seats, even if it’s the day before the show. Sometimes when a theater thinks that they will not be able to sell their premium seats, we can get them for non premium ticket prices then we pass on substantial savings to you.

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