Thursday, March 25, 2010

Come Fly Away Opens Tonight

That's right theatre fans. Twyla Tharp's latest work Come Fly Away is set to open tonight at the Marquis Theatre on Broadway. Now while I saw the show a few weeks ago and enjoyed it for the most part I'm not sure what the critics are going to think. Her first show Movin Out was a favorite of mine when it opened back in late 2002 but I hated her second show The Times They Are A Changin. I know hate is a strong word but after her first triumph my expectations were very high.

So far the show has been grossing over $500,000 a week since it opened with last week selling at 83% capacity although most of those tickets were discounted. Look if the reviews are good hopefully sales will increase and it will be around for awhile. With all the more traditional musicals out there Come Fly Away is a nice change. I hope it lasts. We shall see. Check out tomorrows blog where I will post the reviews. Until next time theater fans.

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