Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Idiot To Beging Performances Tonight

Calling all Green Day fans. Now sure you don't have to be a fan of the band to enjoy the show but it sure helps. My guess is that most of the audience buying tickets to see American Idiot is for that reason alone. Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the final sound check for the show prior to it's first public performance tonight at the St. James Theatre on Broadway.

The entire presentation consisted of the casts performance of the title song "American Idiot" which opens the show and the appearance of it's director Michael Mayer and the members of Green Day who discussed the show. Now from what I saw this is going to be a show with a lot of energy and sex appeal. To me it reminded me more of Spring Awakening as opposed to Rent.

Now while I enjoy Green Day's music I'm not sure if there enough fans out there that will buy tickets to see this Grammy Award winning album sung by a bunch of Broadway performers. I for one hope it succeeds. We shall see. Opening night is set for April 20. Until next time theatre fans.

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