Thursday, March 18, 2010

Over Six Years And Counting Avenue Q Is Still Going Strong

Never in all my years in New York have I ever seen anything like Avenue Q. The show which beat Wicked for the Tony Award in 2004 for Best Musical enjoyed a six year run on Broadway before moving Off-Broadway last October. Now I know what you are thinking. If the show was so successful why on earth did it move? Even though it had a longer run then most shows usually do they figured that by moving it to a smaller venue they could not only produce it for much less but hopefully ensure that it would be around even longer.

Having seen the show several times I can attest to how good it truly is. Not only that but it was also the first Broadway show that my parents had ever seen and they still talk about it over six years later. I guess you could say it made a good impression. Now while the theater maybe different the show is just as funny and relevant as it was back in 2003. Good theatre is good theatre. That will never change. Get your tickets to see Avenue Q. You will have the time of your life. I guarantee it.

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