Thursday, March 18, 2010

See The Miracle Worker On Broadway For Below Face Value

Want tickets to see The Miracle Worker on Broadway but don't want to spend and arm and a leg? Well have you come to the right place. The show which marks it's first time on Broadway since the original 1959 production opened at the Circle in the Square Theater earlier this month.

Now while the reviews were not as good as they could have been I personally loved the show. Having never seen a live production or any of the several movies that the play is based on I wasn't really sure what to expect. While the cast as a whole was very strong the real standouts for me were it's two leading ladies. Alison Pill and Abigail Breslin.

Now I'll admit that I usually agree with the critics when it comes to certain shows. Most of The Miracle Worker's critiques were do to it's staging. For those of you that aren't aware the show is staged in the round. Usually I like that as it can give some of the older shows from the past a new perspective. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn't.

Regardless of that the show has a very raw emotional feel to it and is quite moving at times. Based on the performances alone it is a must see. Now as I was saying before if you are looking to get tickets to see The Miracle Worker we can get you tickets to see the show for below face value.This deal is good thru May 16 so don't delay. Get your tickets now.

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