Monday, March 08, 2010

Chatting About Broadway Theatre is Easy

About 2 and 1/2 years ago, we started using BOLDCHAT software, which is technology that allows businesses to "chat" with shoppers live while someone is visiting our Broadway Theater Service web site. Although I was a bit skeptical myself when I hired BOLDCHAT, I can safely say that it is a service that is helpful to the folks that are shopping for Broadway Show tickets. Here's why.

Shoppers visit a web site and don't necessarily want to make a call to a company and start asking questions. In a way the BOLDCHAT service allows folks to take a moment or two (some chats go on for an hour believe it or not) and start the shopping process. It's kind of a good thing for shoppers as people can gather information about Broadway Shows, prices and seat locations and than consider making a purchase or continue shopping with other ticket companies. After all the information is gathered, we usually get a call the next day with an order for a Broadway Show. Sometimes we even make a sale right on the chat site. After all, BOLDCHAT is really a way for the public to email back and forth with us. Sort of like an instant message chat.

Just this morning, our phone call center at Applause Ticket Service (License #71AP1001029) was kind of busy.Seeing as how our phone sellers also are the "chatters" as well, you can imagine how wearing both hats might be somewhat of a challenge to our team. Carol on our staff had 5 chat lines going and a phone call. Talk about having to "multi-task" right? Although talking and chatting isn't always the easiest feat to accomplish, the experience with juggling multi-line phone calls over the last 22 years has made our foray into BOLDCHAT a fairly smooth one indeed.

Although we installed BOLDCHAT so shoppers could access us and begin a relationship with Applause anyway they wanted to communicate with us, BOLDCHAT has managed to exceed our expectations for sure. Our shoppers like it and our team wants shoppers to experience our service any way that makes them feel more comfortable.

I, myself use chat lines when shopping for products in my own life. Usually I chat to gather some basic information then if I like the feeling I get from the company I'm chatting with, follow up with a call to the company to get more information or to make a purchase.

Again, chatting with folks take some time. And patience. Many chatters are first time users of chat lines also so it is extremely important to be as patient as possible during the back and forth chat exchange. So that the public can have as great an experience as possible.

Chat lines should be a perfect extension of our company. Since Applause Ticket Service prides itself on being a personal Broadway ticket service, with real people you can talk to about your Broadway Show ticket needs, BOLDCHAT lines make a nice extra service we can offer to shoppers that like to "chat".

I know our shoppers and customers enjoy using BOLDCHAT to communicate with Applause about tickets. I would highly recommend businesses that have been considering using chat software to try it out. The wonderful folks that run BOLDCHAT will give your business a free trial with all the reporting you could ever want to help your business grow. And in this economic environment, why not give BOLDCHAT a trial. I guarantee you that it will enhance your business, your service level and bring you more customers as well.

I have a subscription to use BOLDCHAT that I pay monthly. The return on this investment is much greater as I am guessing that many others chat with us and then call back to buy tickets without even mentioning the original chat. If you want to talk about BOLDCHAT, you can call me at 212-307-7050 at Applause Ticket Service in New York City. Or email me at Or why not go to our web site and click on the CHAT LINE in the upper right hand corner? You can say that Rich Gladstone, also known as The Broadway Ticket Man sent you.

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