Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What To See In New York City

Can you believe it's almost April? I sure can't. Not only that but it is supposed to be Spring and it's miserable outside. No it's not snowing. Just raining like crazy. I guess April showers came a little early this year.Now I know you didn't come here to get the weather report so I guess I should get on with the reason for today's blog. Right now there are over seventy shows playing both On and Off-Broadway. Now of course you are going to want to see all of them while you're here right? O.K. maybe just stick to five or six.

The big question is what to see. Those of you who read my blogs know that my current favorite show is In The Heights. However that really isn't new anymore is it? Of the shows that have opened this season I highly suggest The Addams Family and Memphis. Both are a lot of fun and will have you smiling from ear to ear the whole time you are there. Plus they have some catchy tunes as well. Makes you want to rush right out and get tickets for both shows now doesn't it? Of course there are the other big shows like Wicked and Jersey Boys which continue to sell out night after night.

Can't forget The Lion King. Look I may not like it but there is no denying it's popularity. Then of course you have Broadway's longest running show The Phantom of The Opera. Who says I have to see a musical? Right now Broadway is alive with some of the best new plays as well as revivals of some of theatres greatest shows of all time. See that’s what is so great about the theatre. So many choices. Which one will you choose? Me. I don’t know yet. But no matter what I can always count on the theatre to give me a night that I will never forget.

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