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Navigating Your Way to a Broadway Play in New York City

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles! Find your way to Broadway.

New York City can seem like the biggest city in the world even though its actual size isn’t that large. With countless skyscrapers, taxis, people, and streets, it can feel like you are trapped in a maze; a maze full of hotdog stands and yellow taxis. It may seem like you’ll never find your way to the Broadway play you had been looking forward to. Have no fear! With a few easy tips, you’ll be running around New York like a local.

When you fly into New York, you will be arriving in one of three airports. LaGuardia is the closest but also the smallest. JFK is the largest, most international of the three. Newark is possibly the cleanest and quietest of the three but it’s also in New Jersey and therefore the furthest away. AirTrain is a train that connects JFK and Newark Airports with the city. This is easiest from the Newark Airport. You simply follow the signs, hop onto the AirTrain, and transfer at the Newark International Airport Station to a NJ Transit train that will take you straight to Penn Station in New York City. If you are arriving at JFK, this process requires more confusing transfers. You can’t beat the savings but if you have more than a small carry on piece of luggage or small children, I would recommend taking a car or taxi into the city. Private car services cost about the same as a taxi ($24-$50, depending on the airport) and will be waiting for you when you get out of the baggage claim. If you decide to reserve a car, be sure to call 24 hours in advance to reserve it.

Once you make it to the city, getting around is a breeze. Find yourself a detailed walking map and go explore! Most of the Broadway theaters that we sell show tickets to are in a concentrated area. If you have some extra time the day before your show, find your way to the theater and then wander around the neighborhood. New York has surprises around every corner; you just have to be willing to find them. Taxis are absolutely everywhere. To hail one, stand on the edge of the sidewalk or safely on the side of the street and put your hand out. A taxi will stop for you if they don’t already have a passenger inside. The Subway is easy to use as well. Simply find an entrance and walk down the stairs. All stations have large detailed subway maps so you will know which line to take and where to get off. Purchase a MetroCard at one of the kiosks or at a ticket window.
The most important thing to have when finding your way to a Broadway play is a sense of adventure. You may get temporarily lost but there will always be a way to get back on track –just give yourself a few extra minutes to get to the theater in time for the start of the show!

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