Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Doctor Faustus In London Offers A New Take On An Old Time Play

 Theatergoers are enjoying the new production of London's Doctor Faustus, now playing at the Duke of York's Theatre.  The show opened on April 9, 2016 with superstar Kit Harington (Game of Thrones), who returns to London's West End after quite some time.

Doctor Faustus in London was written by Christopher Marlowe in this updated production of the James Lloyd Company.  The play tells of the legendary tale of Faustus who makes a "deal with the devil" so that he can perform anything he likes using "black magic" possibly "selling his soul" in return.  Faustus becomes famous throughout the world and becomes an International heartthrob as well as powerful as he spends more and more time with the rich and famous.  Will Faustus end up paying a handsome price for this?

This new production of Faustus contains some very dark new scenes and incredible staging by Colin Teenan.  The story is a re-telling of a 400-year old play that is brought far forward to our "celebrity-obsessed" society, one filled with instant gratification and constant greed.  Something that many of us these days can certainly relate to.

My company Applause-Tickets has Doctor Fautsus London tickets for every performance through June 25, 2016.  If the show extends its run, we'd be happy to provide advice as well as seating options for you or any of the other fabulous London Theater shows playing.

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Cheers and best wishes to the cast and creative team at London's Doctor Faustus.

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