Thursday, May 05, 2016

Off Broadway's Sleep No More Aims To Please- A Really Unique Theatrical Experience

One of the most intriguing interactive performance art shows is one that's been playing in downtown New York City since 2011.  It's appropriately entitled Sleep No More.  The show is a production of Punchdrunk, a British "site-specific theater company" which originally produced Sleep No More in London in 2003.  The show won a Drama League Award in 2011 as well in the unique category called Unique Theatrical Experience.  It takes place on 27th Street in the Chelsea area of Manhattan in the fictional place called The McKittrick Hotel.  The hotel comprises 3 abandoned warehouses that are 6 floors and upwards of a hundred rooms or so.

Since the show is one of an interactive nature, there is almost no spoken dialogue and guests (ticket buyers) are asked to select from up to 5 arrival times depending on which day the show is on.  This is so each set of guests can "check-in" in a staggered fashion.  This is when the fun takes place my friends.

Guests experience a sort of re-enactment of scenes from MacBeth's tragic and murderous rampage during Shakespeare's time.  This is done through a  darkly cinematic lens.  While every guest is required to wear a Venetian carnival style mask at check-in, each guest is allowed to follow and even pursue any character in the show for as long as they like and can change to follow someone else at any point in time as well.  Sleep No More's performers will be running around, dancing all over the place as the characters are dressed up in "drop-dead, Deco-era evening clothes, lingerie on or nothing at all".  As the story line goes, it appears the MacBeth's, the King, various witches and hotel employees all partake in the evening's fun.  As guests follow their character of choice, the performers can be found anywhere- in the ballrooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.  Guests will see the characters dressed as well as undressed throughout the performance and they'll also be seen dancing, making love and at times even killing each other, wiping away the blood as well.  All guests will end up enjoying their own unique experience at Sleep No More.

Sleep No More is kind of like an Alfred Hitchcock film, dark and spooky but as guests at this venue, we have no choice but to actively investigate what is going on.  The usual comforts we get to enjoy when going to the theatre have been removed and we are reduced to the possibilities of experiencing are own anxieties in an up close and personal way.  Sound like fun?

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