Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All You Need To Know About Zone Seating

Now let me start out by saying that the main reason for today's blog is mostly due to the influx of calls that we have received over the past few weeks about a new concept in selling tickets to events in New York City as well as all events around the country. Maybe you've heard of it. It's called Zone Seating. First of all there is no such thing. Can you recall any theatre you've ever been in where your seats were located in Zone A or B? I didn't think so. For example when you go to see a show on Broadway there are usually two sections. An Orchestra and a Mezzanine. Now while there are some theatres that have a Balcony as well that is very rare. That is also the same with most venues around the country.

When you call a broker that shows Zone seating that usually means that nine times out of ten they actually don't have exact seats which basically means that while they will probably get you the tickets they could be anywhere in the theatre. That translates to you spending your hard earned money to sit in a seat that you have no idea where it is at. Now if that's fine with you then be my guest. Buy the ticket. However don't you think you would be better off purchasing your tickets from a company where you know what you are getting? I know I would. Look this is just one man's opinion so take it for what you will. My advice is to take your time before you part with your hard earned cash. It is a buyer's market after all.

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