Tuesday, May 18, 2010

See Jersey Boys Up Close And Center For Less

Now I don't know about you but when I go see a Broadway show I don't care if I'm right up front or in the back of the Mezzanine. The truth is that most people that go to a Broadway nowadays are not from the New York area. I mean if it wasn't for tourist's most shows would not be as successful as they are. It's just a fact. Another fact that most people don't know is that when it comes to the theatres on Broadway most most of them are smaller than other theatres in the country. Bet you didn't know that did you? The Gershwin which is the current home to Wicked has a little over 1800 seats while Next Fall at the Helen Hayes seats 589. See I told you they weren't very big.

Anyway I guess I should get back to the reason for today's blog. Now while I personally don't care where I sit there are those people who do. For those of you who want there I say need to be close then I have two words for you. Premium Seating. Never heard of it? Well that's why I'm here. Believe it or not but Premium seats have only been around since 2001 right after The Producers opened on Broadway. The actual producers of the show decided to raise their prices in order to prevent scalpers from getting all the choice seats. Makes sense right? Since then every show now offers Premium seats. That way if you have the money and you want better seats then you have the option.

When Jersey Boys first opened over four years ago now one could have expected that it was going to be a huge hit. After all except for Mamma Mia most jukebox musicals opened and closed in quick fashion. Who's to say Jersey Boys would be any different? Well as we all know the show opened to rave reviews and to this day is still one of Broadways biggest hits. By the way for those of you who are looking to see Jersey Boys and sit up close and center then now is the best time.

From now thru June 27 Premium seats are starting at $250. Be advised that this is good for Tuesday thru Thursday only and subject to availability. Now for those of you who don't want to spend those prices then there are other seats. Remember how I said that the theatres on Broadway weren't very big? Well the August Wilson Theatre which is home to the Jersey Boys has only 1200 seats. Not only that but because it has two levels there really is not a bad seat in the house. So whether you want to be up close or in the last row you can't lose. Get your tickets to see Jersey Boys on Broadway.Oh what a night.

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