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Broadway Shows for Kids – Fun for the Whole Family –

A guide to all of the best children friendly Broadway shows in New York City. See them all at

Broadway Shows for Kids

New York City has about a million kid-friendly things to do including Central Park, the zoo, and the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. Until now, you may not have considered Broadway to be a kid friendly place. Think again! Broadway hosts dozens of kid friendly performances every year. They feature princesses, witches, and animals, just like in the movies. With a little guidance and perhaps some suggestions, Broadway can offer entertainment for the entire family.

Applause-Tickets was founded on the principle that no one should be over paying for Broadway tickets. We still believe in that philosophy which is why we work so hard to find you the best kid friendly Broadway shows for unbelievable prices. We are staffed by New York locals who know Broadway and its shows inside and out. The professionals on our staff are here to help you find the perfect show for you and your children, whether it be Lion King, Mary Poppins, or the Addams Family.

Take a look at our list of kid friendly Broadway shows:

Wicked: The previously untold story of the witches of Oz where good and evil aren’t so easy to define. This beautiful musical takes the audience on a journey through Oz as it was long before Dorothy ever arrived. You’ll find yourself singing the beautiful songs long after the performance is done. 

Lion King: This Disney Broadway musical is the ultimate crowd pleaser. It tells the classic story of a boy cub who grows up to be a king. Parents and children alike will love this musical.

Mary Poppins: Mary Poppins has been a family favorite since it debuted on film in 1964. It has been a Broadway sensation for four years and has entertained over 2 million people. Enjoy this classic tale of a nanny who uses wit and magic to charm the young Banks children.

Phantom of the Opera: One of the most famous musicals of all time, Phantom of the Opera is the tale of a disfigured musical maestro who falls in love with a beautiful young singer in a haunting Paris opera house. The songs are ones you may have heard before but you’ll never forget seeing them performed on Broadway.

The Addams Family: Your children will love to see the bizarrely loveable Addams family come to life on the Broadway stage. The entire gang is here to tell the story of a dinner party gone horribly wrong in classic Addams family style.

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