Monday, May 03, 2010

American Idol Winner To Join In The Heights This August

That's right theatre fans. Another American Idol is coming to Broadway. Except this time it's an actual winner as opposed to a runner-up. Yes I know Fantasia was in The Color Purple but I am talking about one that I am actually excited about. Give up? Why it's none other than Jordin Sparks. Besides winning the competition in 2007 she was also the youngest contestant to ever win "American Idol". Beginning on August 14,2010 Ms. Sparks will take over the role of Nina Rosario. As of now she is scheduled to be in the show thru November 14 although it wouldn't surprise me if she extends her stay.

This is what the "American Idol" winner had to say about the news. It's always been one of my dreams to perform on Broadway. This is a brand new experience for me. I look so forward to spending time in New York City and joining this talented cast and my favorite new musical." Now those of you who read my blogs know what a big fan I am of the show. In The Heights that is. Not American Idol. Hopefully this news will give the show a boost at the box office and extend it's run for a while. If any show deserves a long run it's In The Heights. Until next time theatre fans.

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