Friday, May 07, 2010

Customer Story

This weeks customer story comes's all the way from Brookline, Massachusetts. Earlier this week I received a call from one of my regular customers who was planning her yearly trip to New York and wanted to see two shows while she was here. Now while she had seen Wicked when she was here four years ago she wanted to see it again since she was bringing her daughter who had never seen it. Last time she had seats in Row J which she loved but thought this time she would like to be a little further back in the middle. I was able to get her great seats in Row Q of the Orchestra right in the center.

Now for those of you who think that row Q sounds far back it is not. Yes the Front Mezzanine is above you but it does not block your view.Plus not only are you elevated slightly but there are still ten more rows behind you. See I told you it wasn't that far back. Anyway now that Wicked was all taken care of it was time to pick her second show. She asked for my opinion and I suggested Billy Elliot. She said that she had loved the movie and had heard good things about the show from a friend of hers who had seen it last year. Once again I was able to get her great seats and at a price that was much lower then she had expected. Another satisfied customer. Will you be next?

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