Thursday, May 13, 2010

Despite What The Critics Say Promises,Promises Is A Hit

Who says you have to have good reviews to be a hit on Broadway? Now years ago The New York Times had the power to make a break a show depending what the reviews were like. Well not anymore. The new revival of Promises,Promises headlined by Tony nominee Sean Hayes and Tony and Emmy Award winner Kristen Chenoweth received mixed reviews from the critics when it opened last month. Yet when you look at it's grosses since it opened it has constantly been in the top ten with figures hitting well over a million dollars every week. Take that critics.

Now don't forget another little show that got mixed reviews when it opened a few years ago that has managed to hang on quite well despite what the critics had to say. Maybe you've heard of it? Wicked. Not only has it been the top selling show on Broadway for the past six years but it still continues to sell out week in and week out. I guess the critics don't know everything. Look the truth is it is the theatre going public are the ones who make a show a success or failure. Not the critics. Sure that may of been true a decade or so ago but not anymore. That my friend's is a good thing. Not a bad thing. Until next time theatre fans.

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