Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Gift for all New York City Visitors

A very good friend of mine is involved with providing expert advice and selling hotel theater package services for New York City bound vacationers. His name is Joel Cohen and his company is the very well known tour packager New York City Vacation Packages. Although his business is selling New York City, many are not aware that Joel is also an artist.

Joel has traveled the world and taken thousands of amazing photographs on his journey. I thought I would share some of Joel's art with you today. Simply click on the following link and you'll see a photograph that Joel took of the gondoliers in Venice that was recently selected as runner-up in Frommer Travel Guides 2010 cover photo contest.

Here's the photo:

Joel has an entire book of world class photographs you may be interested in viewing and purchasing at

Rich Gladstone
Applause Theatre & Entertainment Service Inc.
311 west 43rd Street, suite 601
NY,NY 10036
phone 212-307-7050

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