Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Applause Ticket Agency Guarantee

We get lots of calls from folks that want to purchase tickets for Broadway Theater in New York City. We hardly ever make a sale to a customer on the first phone call as there are many consumers that shop for price. When you shop for price sometimes it means you have to do allot of legwork to find the lowest price.

Although my company Applause (NY State Ticket Agency license #71AP1001029) has been around for over 2 decades offering a real personal ticket buying service experience for Broadway ticket buyers, we are unfortunately in the position of being the recipient of callers who are armed with lots of bad information, "fake" seating locations and various price quotes from others in the ticket business. Often the information is not real and "fake" seat locations are shown whereby ticket brokers offer seats but really don't even own the inventory. I guess they hope they get a phone call and can "fill their orders". These brokers give a bad name to those of us that are licensed and legit.

In any case, Applause is often put in the position to match a price with another ticket broker. If we feel that the shopper on our phone line has received a "bogus" quote, we don't get involved with matching a price. Still we get lots of calls from those folks that are shopping around from some of our friendly legitimate competitors. Since we often have shoppers tell us they like our brand of service but would appreciate a somewhat lower price, we often will indeed match a price. But only if we feel it is legit for sure.

I'm sure some lower priced competitors don't want us to match their price but since we spend allot of money on advertising to get our phone to ring, we welcome the opportunity to serve new clients. If you feel taken advantage of by your current ticket broker, maybe you need to consider your options.

Simply ask for the Applause "Price Match Guarantee".

No pressure of course. We are here if you need us.

Have a wonderful and healthy holiday season.

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