Friday, November 20, 2009


I know I am going to reveal my age but when I was young we went every year to the Christmas Show. A ticket was 99 cents and it included a first run movie like Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, etc. The only reserved seats were in the First Mezzanine. The rest of us just lined up all around the block with our face in our Mother's or Grandmother's coat as it was usually very cold.

The tickets are a long way from 99 cents and there is no movie. However, there is an incredible difference in prices from one agency to another. I am pretty certain that if you shop around you will find that Applause is the best buy for the Christmas Show. We pass Radio City every day on the way to the bank. Almost every year we see them leading in the animals for the Nativity scene: sheep, lambs, camels, horses, cows, goats etc. (By the way Radio City is the largest Theatre in the world seating over 5000 and is a gem of Art Deco architecture and sculpture and painting. If you are going, try to get there a little earlier so you can see the structure)

However, I diverted from my statement on prices. I am certain that you will be pleased by our prices and by our knowledge of the Christmas Show and Radio City. It is hard to believe but even the Rockettes are affected by the recession. The Rockettes are incredible and I don't just mean it as a man who loves their beautiful, beautiful legs but also as someone who appreciates their choreography and the synchronization of their steps. I have probably seen the March of the Wooden Soldiers over 40 times and it still amazes me every time. All of us are going to be careful with spending this year. Most of us are watching our expenditures and I think our prices will help you spend money on other things. We should also remember the less fortunate this Christmas. After all this is what Christmas is really about.

The Christmas Spectacular ends with the Living Nativity and it is something you will never forget. All of the characters and the animals are live and the Gospel according to St Luke is read. Taking your children or grandchildren is a gift that will remain with them forever.

Let me be the first to wish you a very Merry Christmas and may the joys of the Christmas Season and the Christmas Spectacular remain with you forever.

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