Friday, November 20, 2009


Years ago one could buy tickets by visiting the box office at the theatre or by sending a check with several dates by mail to the box office to fulfill. There was no charge for either of these. Then several companies started fulfilling orders by phone and now also on line. There was a charge for this service even though they were just selling the tickets to the show. There is a service charge and a shipping charge and a handling charge, etc.

The two largest companies in this field are proposing a merger which would virtually give them total control of this market. The European Union has already stated that they will not allow this merger. Unfortunately in the United States, our Congress is always susceptible to lobbyists. Fortunately to date 50 Congressmen have already complained to the Department of Justice.

I think it is in the best interest of every consumer to write his Senators and congressman to request that they tell the Department of Justice that this merger is not in the best interest of the Consumers in the United Sates. You have all seen what a monopoly in the cable area has done to the prices we pay for TV. Imagine what we will be paying for purchasing tickets.

You saw what happened when Ticketmaster purchased TicketsNow. They started putting the tickets on the secondary market rather than selling the tickets at the box office price. If this merger takes place this ticketing giant would gain full access to competitive information in the market and unprecedented control over each aspect of the industry from artist management to concert promotion, including ticket distribution and concession stands. It will prevent competitors from entering the market, thereby creating a monopoly on the industry.

If you love theatre and sporting events and concerts, you should take the time to let Washington, especially the Department of Justice and our Congress know how you feel on this matter,

Have a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Applause.

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