Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Future Of Broadway

Last night as I was walking home a car drove by with an advertisement for Chicago The Musical. The tag line was "Broadway's Sure Thing". It got me thinking. When it comes to Broadway nowadays the term "Sure Thing" doesn't really apply anymore. Gone are the days when any big musical from London was an automatic hit. Yes Billy Elliot is very popular and was showered with awards but seats are usually available for most performances. In the state that the economy is in people simply can't or won't shell out a $126 to see a show that may or not be any good.Look at something like Memphis. It got great reviews across the board and yet last week they were at 60% capacity. What does that tell you?

Look Broadway isn't going anywhere. There will always be plenty of new shows or revivals coming in each and every season. That will never change. However if Broadway is going to thrive then the price of the ticket either needs to go down or the costs of the productions do. When a show like Spider-Man needs to spend $52 million on a show then something needs to change. It is just one man's opinion. Until next time theatre fans.

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