Thursday, November 12, 2009

See Memphis in New York, on Broadway Of Course

For my money, one of the best shows of the 2009/2010 Broadway season is a 1950's rock n' roll musical called Memphis The Musical. It is one of the most energetic musical performances I've personally ever seen on a Broadway stage.

Memphis The Musical takes place in the racially charged South in the 1950's. A local white radio DJ by the name of Huey Calhoun, who has an incredible love for great music, crosses the usual racial boundaries at the time and tries desperately to help a local black singer make it to the big time. He falls for her in the process and the audience gets to witness the difficulties in getting a simple thing like what was referred to at the time as "race" music played over the air waves. Although it took quite some time, change in the way people thought about music was starting to turn around. As we all know, sometimes when change does come around, there is often a price to pay for the participants. In the show, it is Huey and his girl Felicia Farrell who might suffer the consequences.

Speaking of Felicia Farrell, the role is played by Montego Glover. She does a beautiful job and has a fantastic voice. Chad Kimball plays the role of Huey Calhoun. He's an awesome performer and might just win the coveted Tony Award in 2010 for Best Actor in a Musical. Stay tuned, right now I think he's in the lead.

The staging is quite creative as we get to explore the radio stations, recording studios and rock clubs in Memphis. We have David Gallo, the set designer to thank for this. Joe Pietro wrote the Book and Lyrics with Music and Lyrics by David Bryan (the keyboardist in Bon Jovi). Mr. Bryan also has another musical playing Off Broadway called Toxic Avenger. Sergio Trujillo has done an exceptional job with the choreography in Memphis.

Memphis is a real look into the emotions that were playing out at the time. Songs like "Underground" and "Steal Your Rock n' Roll" will stay with you long after the show is over. Although the "racial" theme of Memphis The Musical might seem somewhat "heavy" for some folks, I can personally assure you that the story is told in such a way as to not offend anyone that might wish to see it. In fact it is done quite tastefully I might add.

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