Monday, November 09, 2009

Final Four Weeks To See Jude Law In Hamlet

That's right folks. You only have thirty-two more chances to see film and stage star Jude Law perform the title role in William Shakespeare's Hamlet. The show which has been a big seller on Broadway and in the West End will play it's final performance on Sunday December 6 at the Broadhurst Theatre. The show which received rave reviews from the critics recouped it's entire investment last month. Not bad for a three hour show that most people have already seen either on Broadway before or at a regional theatre around the country. I guess having a star in the role helps. I personally have not seen the show. To be honest Shakespeare's not really my thing. Now maybe if they had somebody like Kate Winslet in one of his shows then I might change my mind. Regardless Hamlet is a big fat hit and should continue to sell well for the remainder of it's run. Get your tickets to see Hamlet on Broadway. It will be gone before you know it.

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