Saturday, November 28, 2009


I just wanted to tell you about the special Gift Certificates that we have at Applause Theatre & Entertainment Service. As many of you have learned to your dismay, almost all Gift Certificates have termination dates or they start eating away your gift certificate month by month until it disappears. Our Gift Certificates are eternal. In fact if you purchased a gift certificate for a pair of tickets, we respect the Gift Certificate even if it were purchased when a pair of tickets was half the price of what it is today. One of our customers found a gift certifcate that they had forgotten all about and we honored the gift certificatd. The only one who doesn't like our gift certificate is the Internal Revenue Service because our gift certificates are a liability that Applause has. Consequently we do not have to pay income tax on the sale until the Gift Certificate is used. The gift certificate makes every one happy: The gift giver who found the perfect gift, the gift recipient who saw a wonderful show given to them by a dear friend or a business associate and everyone who enjoys seeing the IRS having to wait for their taxes.

Have a Merry Christmas, A Happy Hanuka, A Joyous Kwanzaa, A happy Denali.

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