Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Billy Elliot News from Broadway-November 2009

I've seen Billy Elliot on Broadway in New York three times already. It's got all the musical ingredients anyone would want when paying the usually high cost of admission for Broadway theater these days. The show has been playing in New York for over a year now to near capacity audiences. They draw between 98 and 1/2 and 100 % capacity just about every week. The take is $1.3 to $1.4 million dollars weekly in New York's production alone. By all means this show is doing great business and pleasing everyone who sees it for sure.

Billy Elliot has a great and unique story. The tale of a young man who defies his family's desire to follow in the male footsteps and become a coal miner in a small town on the outskirts of London. And at a time when the mine is on strike and the locals are running out of money as well as spirit. We find the lad known as Billy Elliot who can only dream of performing in the ballet. Certainly not something the men in his family can relate to for sure. To complicate matters worse, the time takes place in the 1980's during the Maggie Thatcher era where the locals are worried about the government involvement in their lives. Although everyone is suffering, will Billy Elliot strive to go against the norm and realize his dreams? Will he get any help from the old fashioned males in his family?

There are several young actors that alternate in the role of Billy Elliot. They are newcomers Dayton Tavares and Liam Redhead. The two will join current "Billy's" Trent Kowalik and David Alvarez as well as newcomer Alex Ko.

The Music is by Elton John with Book and Lyrics by Lee Hall. Direction is by Stephen Daldry. Billy Elliot won 10 Tony Awards in 2009 and I am very sure it will have a long life on Broadway.

On Thanksgiving Day Thursday November 26, 2009, Billy Elliot will perform the song 'Shine" during the 83rd Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade during the first hour which will air on NBC-TV from 9am till noon. The parade will march down 7th and 8th Avenues to reach 34th Street.

In addition there will be songs performed from Bye Bye Birdie, Hair and Shrek The Musical as well. If you like Broadway, then I'm sure you'll find these performances much fun. I get to see just about every show on Broadway all the time. Being in ticket sales for Broadway Shows, I need to know what the shows are all about so I can talk about them with shoppers to our company.

If you are planning a day or night at one of the nearly 30 Broadway Shows, I welcome the opportunity to help you select the right show for you as well as assist in finding the best seats and prices available.

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