Thursday, November 05, 2009

Broadway Theater needs Excellent Food Before

I just had a wonderful tasty Italian meal at one of my favorite dining spots. It's a place on my way walking home from work in New York City but very much within walking distance of many of the Broadway Theaters.

So I thought I would suggest you consider having dinner at Ristorante Il Melograno, located at 501 West 51 st Street on Tenth Avenue. Sure it is a 10 minute walk or very short cab ride to most of the Broadway theaters but very much worth the trip.

The restaurateur is Alberto Tartari who opened his first restaurant in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy in 1991. Mr. Tartari opened this restaurant some 20 years after visiting New York, always planning on returning to Hells Kitchen and doing so. He prides himself on using only the freshest of healthy ingredients in his cooking, the very concept that he used way back in his first restaurant experience. Most of the products used are imported from Italy. His breads and pastas are homemade and you would be hard pressed to find better in my opinion. Mr. Tartari doesn't use any MSG or trans fats in either of his two establishments. The Chianti and other wines are very tasty and inexpensive and don't even get me started about his desserts. they're awesome.

Tonight I had a Cesar salad, the Monk fish and risotto special and a glass of Chianti. It was a hearty meal and cost only $43.00 or so. Although I consider Il Molegrano a neighborhood restaurant, I know in my heart that many of our customers that we provide Broadway Show tickets to will love this place. Although the atmosphere is on the ordinary side in appearance, the excellent food and very capable and extremely friendly staff easily makes up for it.

Il Molegrano's web site is . Their phone number is 212-757-9290. They are open 7 days a week with Brunch offered on Saturdays and Sundays.

This information is brought to you by Rich Gladstone from Applause Ticket Agency in New York City. Rich considers himself and his staff an expert on most things that relate to buying tickets for all the Broadway Shows. And since moving to New York last year has had the opportunity to eat out allot. Certainly enough to suggest great places to grab a really good meal.

Feel free to contact Rich or any of the Applause Ticket Experts when thoughts come to restaurant dining or the pursuit of obtaining excellent tickets for all the Broadway Shows.

I hope you found this information helpful to you or someone you know who enjoys great food and the Broadway Theater experience.

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