Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Final Two Weeks For Three Shows

That's right playgoers.Sunday December 6 will mark the end for three shows. Hamlet, After Miss Julie, and A Steady Rain. Now the one thing these three shows have in common is that they were all limited runs. That's where the similarities stop.Let's take a look.

Hamlet-Let's be honest. Most people are not going to the show because the are fans of William Shakespeare's. Although the man sure knows how to write dramas. The main selling point is film star Jude Law. Now while he does have a following I don't think the show would have been as well received if he didn't have the acting chops to pull it off. According to everything I've read he does. Hopefully we won't have to wait another fourteen years to see this talented actor on the boards again.

After Miss Julie-This new adaptation of Strindburg's Miss Julie marks the Broadway debut of film star Sienna Miller who by the way also just happens to be the ex of Hamlet himself, Jude Law. While the show received mix reviews Ms. Miller was praised for her work in the show. Dare I suggest a revival of Streetcar with her and Mr. Law in 2011. Wishful thinking perhaps.

A Steady Rain-Last but certainly not least is a new play by playwright Keith Huff. The show which first premiered in Chicago stars a pair of unknown actor's who play two of Chicago's finest. Kidding. We all know the only reason this show has been breaking box office records is because of the shows two stars. Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig. These two could have read the phone book for ninety minutes and it still would have made money. Now whether or not these two are remembered come Tony time is another story.

Well there you are. Three shows. Three closings. Tickets are still available for all shows. Which will you choose? Until next time.

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