Monday, November 09, 2009

The Public's Confusion About Buying Broadway Tickets

It is no wonder that when I talk to customers and shoppers on the phone about buying tickets for Broadway Theater, sometimes I get the distinct feeling that other ticket agents have been trying "too hard" to sell them tickets. The ticket industry is filled with hundreds of companies that consider themselves "legitimate" ticket brokers. Although there are many that in deed are legit, if you search for a list of ticket brokers- one by one you'll find out that many just want to sell you tickets that are listed on lots of other web sites. The price varies from site to site but if you want to talk about a show or the seating description, my guess is that you'll have a difficult time.

And why does this happen? Why are there hundreds of people/companies all claiming to sell Broadway theater tickets? Is it really possible that they all could possibly know what they're talking about. I say no way.

Today's technology allows for anyone with a few hundred dollars to start their own ticket agency. The problem I have with it isn't so much that it brings competition to companies like mine. It's that it is making it really confusing for the public to understand what they are getting for their hard earned money. The people that want to go to the theater and spend money on food and drinks and parking and hotel rooms. These folks are spending lots of money when they plan a visit to Broadway. Why should the ticket buying experience be one of confusion for them?

I personally speak with dozens of people every day about buying Broadway Show tickets. Very often by the time the public finally gets to us, they think tickets should cost them an arm and a leg. My concern isn't so much that I wish they had our company information so we could be of service, so much as it upsets me that most of these ticket companies really don't provide a good service.

When shoppers ask me how we can provide good seating in most of New York's theaters for reasonable prices after they were quoted outrageous rates from other ticket agents, I simply tell them Applause has been doing this for a long time. And we want our customers to return again and again. Hopefully sending referrals our way of course.

It's not easy being a small ticket company anymore as the larger ticket companies simply spend a ton of money on advertising. Still we keep moving forward as allot of these guys don't realize, is that in these recessionary times, the public doesn't like being taken for a fool. No way, not going to happen.

So our staff comes in day after day not really worrying about working hard to make a sale, even during these tough business times. We feel our competitors are doing our work for us.

Although we don't like the public getting beaten up with high prices and shoddy service when shopping for theater tickets, we do welcome the opportunity to serve the theater-going public.

Just to prove my point today, if you are looking for tickets for Broadway Shows, shop around then consider calling Applause. We guarantee the best prices and you'll be talking to your friends and family about our brand of service for a long time to come.

I hope this information was helpful.

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