Friday, November 06, 2009

Jersey Boys To Celebrate Anniversary

That's right folk's. Today marks the Jersey Boys fourth year on Broadway. I remember when the show was first announced back in early 2005 I wasn't too excited. Don't get me wrong. I like their music. I just wasn't sure how they were going to incorporate it into the show. Was it just going to be a concert or were they actually going to tell their story? It turns out I was worried for nothing. The show opened to rave reviews and became a massive it. Not only that but it won the 2006 Tony Award for Best Musical. Not too bad for a show that most people didn't think was going to be all that successful.

Two years into it's run I finally got a chance to see it. You see even thought it was a hit I was still a bit skeptical about whether I would like it or not. Once again I was proved wrong. I loved it. In fact I would put Jersey Boys up there with my favorite Broadway shows of all time. Now while the show was entertaining what really got me was the story.

Being a composer myself I know what it's like to have to work your ass off to get someone or anyone for that matter to hear your stuff. After seeing the show my struggles are nothing compared to what these four boys from New Jersey went thru to achieve their dreams. Enough about me. You can hear more about my show when it opens on Broadway in 2011.By the way that is wishful thinking on my part. Anyway back to the reason for my blog. Go see Jersey Boys. It is an amazing show that I know you will love if you just give it a chance. By the way you don't have to be a fan of their music or be from New Jersey to appreciate the show. Although it helps. Until next time theatre fans.

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