Monday, November 02, 2009

My Thoughts On West Side Story

When it was first announced that West Side Story was coming back to Broadway I know I wasn't the only person that was excited. The movie was one of my favorites growing up as a child and I was eager to finally see a "live" version of this classic musical. Not only that but I couldn't wait to see one of my favorite performers Karen Olivo perform the role of Anita. Early on in the run we were invited to see the show and I was hoping that I wouldn't be disappointed.

So there I was on a rainy Wednesday afternoon sitting next to my boss waiting for the show to begin. All of a sudden that old familiar tune began to play. I got chills. That would not be the last time. Now the show isn't perfect. While I enjoyed the show overall there were parts that could and should have been stronger. However the blame lies with the director. Not the cast.

Having said that if you are looking for a show with a spectacular score and a cast of hard working performers than this is the show too see. Get your tickets to see West Side Story on Broadway. It sizzles.

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